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Site Office
Via Sebastiano Caboto,
09125, Cagliari, Italy

+39 389 5667471


Working hours
9:00 – 13:00 / 14:30 – 18:30

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Work planning and availability

Our priority is to deliver an excellent job in the shortest time possible and in total safety. Sometimes we complete a project earlier than expected, at other times we run into unexpected complications, involving more work and higher costs. So please bear in mind that although we try to keep to an exact schedule, this is always subject to a number of variables:

  • Safety concerns
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Possible lightning strikes
  • Torrential rain showers
  • Availability of cranes, boatyards, marinas, etc.
  • External suppliers (sail-makers, turners, carriers, etc.)
  • Size and purpose of the project
  • Distance of the boat from our base
  • Arrival/departure date of our customers
  • Regatta start date

Due to the nature of our work and the input it involves, we have to take these various factors into account when we organise our workload. However, we always keep the owner’s needs and the quality of the result at the centre of any project.

All non-urgent job requests are added to our regular schedule; these are completed as early as possible and as soon as there are slots available in our calendar. The customer will always be informed with as much advance notice as possible when work is due to start.

When you contact us, please specify the level of urgency and your possible arrival/ departure dates, so that we can find you an appropriate slot in our calendar and make sure we meet your needs.
We hope this system of planning works for you, and we always welcome any feedback or suggestions.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding, and as always, for contacting us!


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