Autonomy and Renewable Energy

Imagine spending your holidays on your boat, travelling from bay to bay, without ever having to start the engine to recharge the batteries. If you install systems for producing renewable energy, this luxury becomes possible for any type of boat.

Why choose renewable energy on board?

Above all for the savings. If you can produce your own electricity to power the batteries, you don’t need to start the engine and so you save on diesel. Even short stays in the harbour can be very expensive in summer, and these can also be significantly reduced. And last but not least, there are obvious benefits for the environment. Indeed, boats are a huge source of marine pollution; reducing their impact is now both possible and necessary.

This is why Creative39 specialises in the installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems such as solar panels, wind turbines, watermakers and marine hydrogenerators. But which of these should you choose for your boat?

Is it better to go for wind power or solar panels?

Some people think that in terms of energy production it is better to have a wind generator on board, because it can also produce energy at night, provided there is a wind. However, it is also true that a wind generator is not always suitable for every make of boat. This is because it needs to be positioned in a particular spot where it is not a danger to people; while at the same time it must not interfere in any way with the sails, whatever the speed of the boat, or with the shrouds and halyards.

Nowadays, marine solar panels are extremely flexible and can be mounted on the awning. Otherwise, if you want rigid panels, they can be installed on special structures that do not interfere in any way with the workings of the boat. They are safer than a wind generator, and work whether you’re at sea or in harbour, regardless of the wind. Boat-owners generally prefer them also because they don’t make any noise and are ideal for sailing around the Mediterranean.

So, what about a hydrogenerator? Again, the response is the same. It depends.

A hydrogenerator only charges while the boat is at sea, and starts to produce energy at speeds of between 5 and 6 knots. Under these conditions, it is very efficient and certainly one of the best solutions in terms of performance. Therefore, it all depends on the use you make of your boat.

Which solution should you choose?

The best way to cover every possible scenario would be to opt for all three systems. A solar panel for warm weather, a wind turbine to produce energy at night or in cloudy conditions, and a hydrogenerator for longer voyages. That’s why famous solo navigators always choose all three solutions for their boats.  If you’re not planning to sail around the world non-stop, contact us stating the model of your boat and the use you make of it; we can then recommend the solution that best suits your needs.

Long sailing trips: the convenience of a watermaker

Lockers filled with plastic bottles, a heavy boat, very little space, warm drinking water. These are just some of the problems that can be completely eliminated with a watermaker. They now come in all sizes, and are suitable for any type of boat. For example, Schenker, our supplier, has launched a new range of incredibly light watermakers: perfect for any size of boat and able to produce between 30 and 200 litres per hour. You will no longer need to keep going into harbour, and can enjoy long trips without having your boat weighed down by bottles.


Solar panels, wind turbines, hydrogenerators and watermakers: we can offer you everything you need to make your boat completely autonomous.

  • Solar panels
  • Watermakers

  • Wind turbines

  • Hydrogenerators


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