Complete Management

Do you have the boat moored in another town and want it ready for summer? Creative39 offers a complete maintenance service for your boat. You can create a customised maintenance package from the range of services available, based on your actual needs.

What does our boat maintenance service include?

Regular inspection of the boat, at intervals agreed with the owner. We go on board to check that everything is properly in place and in good condition: we examine the moorings, the state of the fenders, the awning, and the deck equipment in general. We also check all the equipment below decks: starting up and checking the motor, the refrigeration and air conditioning systems and the battery levels. By carrying out frequent, regular checks, we can spot any problems or malfunctions at an early stage, and can deal with any issue very promptly, before the damage is compounded.

Boat cleaning: we offer a thorough cleaning service for the whole boat, including teak deck treatment, cleaning of steel components, polishing of the hull or our brand new wrapping service, which allows you to change the livery of your boat, making it look as good as new. We also offer a more frequent, standard cleaning service, which involves a thorough cleaning below decks, including the bathrooms, kitchen and dinette, and preparation of the cabins, so that the boat is in perfect condition when the owner arrives.

Winter storage: if your boat requires work in a boatyard or is going to be out of the water for winter storage, Creative39 will oversee the whole process, including moving and hauling the craft, preparing it for laying-up, and monitoring the work in the yard – making sure it follows the correct procedures and is completed by the agreed deadline.

Moving your boat: we can offer a transport service on request, ensuring that you find your boat at a certain place at a certain time, in perfect condition and all ready to sail.

Why choose our marine maintenance service?

Above all, it’s a matter of security and peace of mind. Indeed, even if an owner decides to leave his boat in one of the Marinas at Cagliari or in Southern Sardinia, he will still be able to sleep peacefully at night, knowing that his craft is being constantly monitored by experts in the sector, who make regular checks on its status and security.

The boat will always be ready for the season. The owner only needs to tell Creative39 the date of his arrival, and he will find the boat in perfect order and ready to go. This is a great convenience when your holiday time is precious, and you don’t want to waste even a moment trying to resolve problems or undertaking work on board.

Finally – and this is not an insignificant factor – when your boat is regularly serviced and maintained, its sales value does not decrease; indeed, it may even increase if you decide to upgrade some of the equipment on board. All the work we do on board is properly certified. This means you have an asset of consistent and proven value.


From a simple clean and regular check-up of the on-board equipment, to a total management service, including moving the boat.

  • Cleaning teak and steel
  • Checking systems

  • Installing equipment

  • Transport service


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